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Sanchita DasSanchita Das
07:55 22 Dec 21
I tried three varients and I can say that it's a must have for all the cookie lovers. I have tried from market so called hand oven , hand made cookies from different brands , but no brand could actually pulled me back to buy their products for the second time. But after trying Mr. Oven's cookies I have become a loyal customer for sure?. The taste , the crunch and the quality is by far the best I ever had, having a cup of tea became an excuse to me so that I could have the zeera and pista cookies ?. This time I am going to buy the other varients.Good luck and keep coming up with lots and lots more new products ???. Godspeed.
Nitisha MehnaNitisha Mehna
09:59 24 Sep 21
Amazing?. At very reasonable prices they give us such a good quality biscuits, cookies, rusks. Its just taste so good. Everyone should must try these. It will really gonna worth it.?
Prasun KunduPrasun Kundu
10:46 01 Sep 21
I belong to an era when everything was cooked and baked at home. Ready-made food from market seldom used to make way into our house... The tradition is being carried on till date by my mother and wife.Was intrigued by Mr. Oven and went ahead to taste the product. While the products tastes amazing, the icing on the cake is these are hand made...!!!My mother and wife can outsource their gluttonous need of baking cookies to Mr. Oven and utilize the time constructively...Must try for everyone...Thanks Mr. Oven... Wishing you all the very best...
Ankur SolankiAnkur Solanki
12:51 30 Aug 21
Mr. Oven is probably the most delicious cookies I've ever had. They're just amazing. You get cookies which are very fresh, and it makes them even more delicious. It's because of their cookies that my wife gained weight in quarantine, but I agree that they're "Worth the Calories!".
Prithvi RanaPrithvi Rana
05:58 30 Aug 21
Highly impressed by the the quality of cookies and the premium packing provided by the brand. Definitely would recommend others to order who possess a fine taste of handmade cookies and believe in high quality. Great job Mr. Oven!!




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